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Youth and Alcohol

Underage drinking occurs when anyone under age 21 drinks alcohol in any amount or form.

Underage drinking is dangerous.
And, it's against the law, except in special cases, such as when
it is part of a religious ceremony.

How Many Tweens and Teens Are Drinking?

The rate of current alcohol use among youth aged 12 to 17 was 15.9
percent in 2007. That means 84.1 percent, or more than four out of five
students, did not use alcohol.

Some more facts:

Today, nearly 10.8 million youth aged 12 to 20 are underage drinkers.
In any month, more youth are drinking than are smoking cigarettes
or using marijuana.
Approximately 10 percent of 9-to 10-year-olds have started drinking.
Nearly one-third of youth begin drinking before age 13.

12 oz. of beer or cooler

8-9 oz. of malt liquor
8.5 oz. shown in a 12-oz. glass that, if full, would hold about 1.5
standard drinks of malt liquor

5 oz. of table wine

3-4 oz. of fortified wine (such as sherry or port) 3.5 oz. shown

2-3 oz. of cordial, liqueur, or aperitif 2.5 oz. shown

1.5 oz. of brandy (a single jigger)

1.5 oz. of spirits (a single jigger of 80-proof gin, vodka, whiskey,
etc.). Shown straight and in a highball glass with ice to show level
before adding mixer.

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