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Wind mills

The first known wind machine design wasn’t for
grinding grain or pumping water, but for playing an organ.

Hero of Alexandria, in Egypt, described a
wind-powered organ as
early as 150 to 250 BC, but the first place windmills were used for
work was apparently Persia. By 1000 AD they were in general use in
and particularly in Holland, which used them so extensively for
grinding and pumping water that the windmill became virtually a
national emblem.

At the high point in the 19th Century, there
were about 9,000
windmills in Holland. Wind power was also used in the Western United
States to pump water prior to rural electrification and gasoline

But with the advent of other power sources,
wind power fell out of
popularity, though since the sharp oil price increases during the 1970s
there has been some renewed interest in wind power.

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