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What is Hurricane

A hurricane is a powerful, rotating storm that
forms over warm oceans near the Equator. Another name for a hurricane
is a tropical cyclone. Hurricanes have strong, rotating winds (at least
74 miles per hour or 119 kilometers per hour), a huge amount of rain,
low air pressure, thunder and lightning. The cyclonic winds of a
hurricane rotate in a counterclockwise direction around a central, calm

If this type of storm forms in the western Pacific Ocean, it is called
a typhoon.

Hurricanes often travel from the ocean to the
coast and on to land, where the wind, rain, and huge waves can cause
extensive destruction.

Generally, when a hurricane moves over land (or over cold ocean waters)
the storm begins to weaken and quickly dies down because the storm is
fueled by warm water.

On average, there are about 100 tropical cyclones worldwide each year;
12 of these form in the Atlantic Ocean, 15 form in the eastern Pacfic
Ocean and the rest are in other areas.

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