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What are Insects and Spiders


Belonging in the Class: Insecta, they
have three tagma (specialized segments of the body) called; head,
thorax, and abdomen. There are three pairs of legs originating from the
thorax. The head has two compound eyes and two antennae for sensory
functions. In the abdomen, anus opens the oviduct and rectum to the
exterior. Insects can sustain in almost all the ecosystems due to their
extreme adaptability, and present day there are more than 1,000,000
described species. It is expected to that there are 6 – 10 million
extant species of insects on the Earth. This extremely higher number of
insect species in the world lifts their importance. Some of the very
common insects are butterflies, ants, bees, weevils, paddy bugs,
crickets, grasshoppers, leaf insects, mosquitoes…etc.


Spiders are interesting creatures in
the Animal kingdom with about 40,000 recorded species. The body of the
spider is segmented into two tagma; cephalothorax (fused head and
thorax) and abdomen. Abdomen is mainly the reproductive unit as in the
other insects and arthropods. The cephalothorax bears four pairs of
legs for locomotion and weaving webs. The spiders have four pairs of
compound eyes and no antennae. Their eyesight is sharper and which is
very useful in capturing the prey items baffle in their webs. The
females make silk egg cases, for the eggs to be kept until the small
spiderlings come out of them. At a time, a female lays several hundred
of eggs into the woven silk egg case.

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