Amazing Facts

Weird Facts about Jelly Fish

  1. The most fascinating creature under the sea would be Jellyfish
    which belongs to the Scyphozoan class.

  2. Jellyfish can be found in every ocean in the world.

  3. The lifetime of a jellyfish is at the most three or six months.

  4. The body of a jellyfish is made up of almost 90 to 94% water.

  5. The jellyfish doesn't have a brain or other sensory organs.

  6. A group of jellyfish is called a 'smack'.

  7. Jellyfish swim by contracting and expanding their bodies.

  8. Jellyfish are generally not dangerous to humankind.

  9. They lead a more difficult life in captivity as compared to other
    marine life.

  10. Jellyfish eat many different types of things, such as small
    plants, copepods, fish eggs, etc.

  11. Jellyfish also provide habitat for many juvenile fishes in areas
    where there are not many places to hide.

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