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Violin a classy instrument

Though the violin is now considered a classy
instrument, it was
initially a folk instrument developed in Europe during the the 16th

As the instrument was improved, it gained
increasing acceptance and
great musical pieces were written for it. Many early violins were made
in Italy.

In those days, the instrument was held against
the chest instead of
under the chin. Leopold Mozard claimed that it was too hard to hold
onto when performing fancy fingerwork. He suggested holding it under
the chin, which would stabilize it when it couldn’t be held with the

The violinist draws a bow of horsehair across
the violin’s four
strings (or sometimes plucks the strings), causing them to vibrate. The
of the strings echoes in a sound box, producing the violin’s
distinctive music. Using the bow and fingers against the strings, the
violinist can vary the music.

The violin is a very important orchestral
instrument. There are more violins in a standard orchestra than any
other instrument.

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