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US Construction Industry Facts

  1. Every year, more than 440,000 Americans become
    apprentices, receiving training through approximately 37,000
    apprenticeship programs.
  2. The construction industry will hire about
    250,000 new workers each year for the next seven years. Only
    about 150,000 new workers will come into the trades, creating a
    continuing shortage of skilled workers.
  3. The construction industry employs
    approximately 800,000 workers statewide. By 2010 the
    construction industry will need approximately 200,000 new
  4. For every four people who leave the trades, by
    retirement or otherwise, only one new person is supplied by
    apprenticeship programs to enter the trades.
  5. The California Department of Education tells
    us that out of every 100 students in our high schools, 30 will
    drop out before graduation. Of the 70 who are left only 21 will
    go on to college. Of those who attend our community colleges,
    half will drop out in the second semester. Yet, all of our
    state counseling resources are geared for the few who will
    actually finish college.
  6. Students in state
    approved apprenticeship programs start out at 40% of the
    prevailing wage in their area. This translates to about
    $12-15.00 per hour, plus benefits while they begin the program.
    That rate goes up each year until they turn out as journeymen.
    The average craft journeyman makes about $28.00 per hour in this
    state plus health and pension benefits. Many trades pay in
    excess of $75.00 per hour with overtime.
  7. The average age of a construction worker is 47
    years old.

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