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1 The speed of light is generally rounded down to 186,000 miles per second. I

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A Baboon called "Jackie" became a private in the South African army in World War I.

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Truth About Chemical Usage In Your House

There are many companies which have started giving a relief in pest
termination. These companies are very reliable and serve the purpose of
extermination of such insects. Most of the developed countries are
really doing well in pest control and helping to keep ones surrounding
free from pest. In the same manner there are many pest control organizations
which provide a proper and a hygienic solution in terminating all kinds of pests.

Many of our houses face a problem of cockroaches, bugs or termites.
The removal of all these annoying and unhygienic insects is done with
the help of these pest control companies. There are many houses which
also face a problem of white ants and termites; they need to be cleaned
from the roots, as they keep on spreading and harming the entire
furniture. There are companies which help in reduction of such pests by
treating them with the help of some pest control chemicals and

The spreading of termites is a very common term. Pest control
companies apply pesticides or some chemicals which will prevent these
harmful pests from scattering. With the growing awareness of eco
friendly chemicals these pest control companies have started using
chemicals which help the go green factor. There are professionals who
attend houses, business premises and other areas periodically and
provide a proper pest control to do away from small bugs and harmful
insects in your surroundings.

Countries like India, Bangladesh, and Sri-Lanka have started
concentrating on such environment friendly techniques. Rainy season is
the best for such pests to multiply and therefore it is the right time
for a pest control in different areas and localities where water
drainage is a big problem. With the growth and awareness of such pest
control companies’ one can keep the surrounding hygienic and pest free.

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