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True Facts of Baking Soda

The nontoxic, natural cleaning powers of baking soda have been
known for generations, and many
people leave a box of the stuff in their refrigerator to try to fight

Baking soda, which is really 100% sodium bicarbonate, eliminates
odors by neutralizing strong acids and stabilizing strong bases – the
root causes of most bad odors.

Although baking soda feels and looks like a soft powder, tiny
crystals make it an excellent but gentle scrubber - good for fragile
human skin and tough linoleum floors alike

Water is the enemy when you store baking soda. If your climate is
humid or if there’s a chance that moisture may be present, keep it in
an airtight container. If it’s stored properly, baking soda will last

On the 100th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty on July 4, 1986,
New York, USA, more than 100 tons of simple baking soda. was used to
clean the interior copper walls.

Baking soda used in the United States was imported from England at
first, but in 1846 scientist Austin Church and farmer John Dwight
joined forces to produce what became an American icon - Arm and Hammer
Baking Soda.

Most of the baking soda now used in the United States comes from
western Wyoming, an area reminiscent of the moon at times, with its
strikingly pale and stark landscapes. Trona is mined underground in the
southwestern corner of the state.

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