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Facts about New Zealand

New Zealand is located in the southern Pacific Ocean, approximately 1,600 kilometres (995 miles) s

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Golden Ring of Russia

Ancient city kingdoms united by Moscow to fight against the Mongols.

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Top Ten Fun Facts About Qatar

  1.  The National Sport in Qatar is biding on International

  2. When Going to the cinema you pay full price to watch half of
    the movie

  3. Freedom of Expression on Al Jazeera applies to any other

  4. The national Carrier Qatar Airways Allow you to Buy liquor on
    its planes but does not allow you to bring them into the country
    so you end up drunk even before you set foot.

  5. The only country where you will find round-abouts that are not
    so round. (jeedah round-about and many more..)

  6.  If you have a White Land cruiser you are allowed to show case
    your toes out of the window.

  7. The Road to perfection is met after the road has been worked
    upon three to four times in a year. if you don’t know what is
    it, come to Qatar,

  8. Family Day at the Malls can apply for all days of the week

  9. Men in Qatar are capable of rotating their heads 360 degrees
    on the sighting of women

  10. Qtel Has blocked most of the internet Websites that you
    eventually end it up on QL

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