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Top 10 Smartest Animals


Believe it or not, pigs are smarter than dogs! And dirty little piggy
is not only the smartest animals on the planet, but also one of the
cleanest animals around. Yes, a pig will refuse to excrete anywhere
near the area where he lives and eats when he is given a choice. You
can even train a pig just like a dog or cat. They can move a cursor on
a video screen with their snouts and even learn to distinguish between
the scribbles they knew from those they saw for the first time. You can
watch the movie "Babe" to believe that pigs are smart. You can read
more on what do pigs eat.


Crows are considered to be the smartest birds of all. They grab the
title of smartest animal on earth by topping the avian IQ scale. Crows
can count, differentiate between complex shapes and also carry out
observational learning tasks. The New Caledonian Crow has been found to
create knives to cut leaves and stalks of grass. Ravens are like crows,
but a bit larger in size and with different vocalizations. Ravens throw
clams, nuts, shells on the roads and wait for passing cars to run over
them. This helps break the hard shells and the raven can enjoy its
delicious treat inside. You can read the old children tale of "Thirsty
Crow" to clear your doubts.


You may find them as the most disgusting rodents on the planet, but
they are in fact one of the smartest animals in the world. A rat's
psychology is similar to humans and therefore they are mostly used for
lab experiments. Rats possess a mental ability called the metacognition that is seen only in
humans and some primates. They can use their keen sense of smell and
hearing to detect landmines and bombs. They can even identify human
sputum samples containing tuberculosis bacteria. The rat is indeed
smartest animal on the planet, as it can show signs of excitement,
loss, stress and even remorse. You can see the movie "Ratatouille' to
know how smart can rats really be.

African Grey Parrot

The African Grey Parrot
is a native of the West and Central African rainforest. Parrots can
mimic human speech, but African Grey parrot can do a step further. They
can associate words and their meanings to form sentences. They
communicate with their own with songs, calls and even body language.
They mimic house sounds, recreate voices and mimic people. You can ask
Mr. Yosuke Nakamura of Japan. He was owner of an African Grey parrot,
that got lost and wounded. At the veterinary hospital he gave the name,
full address and even the phone number of Mr. Nakamura. This helped the
authorities trace back his owner without much difficulty. I bet Mr.
Nakamura will be a proud pet owner as his parrot is the smartest animal in the world.


Elephants are
the largest mammals on land. Elephants have always been known for their
wisdom and fantastic memories. Elephants tend to draw mental maps of
the locations of watering and feeding areas. They can get back to a
feeding area they did not visit for many years. There large ears and
long trunks helps them listen. They communicate with roars, trumpets,
bellows and even transmit sound through ground. Now, that's a long
distance trunk call! They are one of the few animals to pass the mirror
test and identify themselves as independent individuals. They can even
paint, make music and show emotions related to grief and loss. The
elephant graveyards are still one of the most talked about legends
around the world.


Dr. Octopus can stare at you and keep watching over you intently from
their aquariums. Surprised? All species of the cephalopod family like
octopus and squids have incredible intelligence. The octopus is considered to be the
smartest animal in the world in the invertebrate group. They show short
term, long term memory and also have great learning abilities. They can
even carry out problem solving. They are the masters of disguise and
have great talents for mimicry. They will beat The Great Houdini in the
art of escape. They also have very good eyesight, sense of touch and
are very very smart. The Santa Monica Pier Aquarium got a first hand,
wet experience of the level of smartness of an octopus. Apparently, an
octopus at their zoo managed to turn a valve, that lead to hundreds of
gallons of water to overflow the tank! Really, it is one of the
smartest animals in the world.

Bottlenose Dolphins

The bottlenose dolphin has a large brain and the cerebral cortex and
frontal lobe are about 40% bigger than humans. This surely is a good
proof that helps the bottlenose dolphin win a place in the top 10
smartest animal list. Bottlenose dolphins have the ability to reason,
plan, solve problems, learn form previous experiences, etc. These dolphins also display emotions of remorse for other species. You can ask the
people of New Zealand about signs of conscious. Two Pygmy Sperm whales were beached in New Zealand and a local dolphin named Moko led the pair through the sand bars to safety. Great going Moko!


Who would have ever thought in their wildest dreams that the abundant
pigeons also make it up to the smartest animals list. They have great
intellectual abilities and can recognize an image after many years.
They can identify themselves in the mirror and differentiate between
two objects.

Portia Labiata Jumping Spider

The Potia Labiata also known as the White Mustached Portia that is
native to Africa, Asia and Australia. Scientists have called these
spiders as one of the smartest animals in the world. They have carried
out many problem solving experiments in the labs. In the wild, they
lure other spiders from their web and eat up their food. And how do these master thieves
lure the spiders? Well, they pluck out rhythms at the corner of the web
like a trapped insect and when the spider leaves to investigate, they
quickly eat up their dinner. Portia can also remember which rhythms
work for which spider, and use it to lure it away. They even plot a
hunt and will wait for its prey to return, if it misses it. It will
strike at the right movement and devour it meal. This planning and
plotting and the ability to understand that the prey will return, shows
that it is one of the smartest animal on the planet.


Squirrel loves to munch on a 'nut' but is no 'nut'. It has a stubborn nature and
flawless memory. They are very clever and will carry out all the
possible tricks to get a bite from bird feeders
flower gardens or where ever they find food. They are well adapted to
living alongside humans and store food for winter. Scientist have
proven they have an advanced level of cunning and intellect.

These were the top 10 smartest animals in the world. You may not find
this as the greatest smartest animals list, but you can't deny that it
is appropriate. Animals too have the ability to survive, and I feel if
one has the urge to live, he or she automatically enters the list of
smartest animals on earth. Humans rank first in the list of smartest
animals, but we have somehow also won the title of being the most
selfish race. We forget that we share this planet with many beautiful
creatures. We overlook the fact, they too require space to live and
take over territories that belong to them.

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