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The FACTS about Abdominal Exercise

Understanding these scientifically proven truths about abdominal
exercise will optimize your results.

  1. There is no such thing as spot reduction

    Abdominal exercises will not and cannot selectively
    burn the fat that may be covering your abs.

  2. The abdominals do not attach to your legs and,
    therefore, cannot move the legs.

    Leg movement that you may think comes from the abdominals
    actually comes from the hip flexors (iliacus, psoas, TFL and
    rectus femoris).

  3. The abdominals, in general, are not any different
    from the other skeletal muscles; therefore, there is no
    reason to train them differently (e.g., no resistance,
    dozens of reps, several exercises in a given workout,
    training every day, etc.) if your goal is a change in
    appearance as opposed to increased endurance.

    More specifically, the rectus abdominis (the main abdominal
    muscle that most people want to work for aesthetic reasons)
    is a phasic muscle, designed for fast, powerful movement.

    To strengthen this and other phasic muscles, use weight
    that allows you to fatigue the muscle in about 20 – 60

  4. The abdominals are the major stabilizers of your
    midsection. Performing abdominal exercises early in the
    workout may jeopardize your ability to stabilize your body
    in other exercises, and may sacrifice the productivity of
    the other exercises in your program.

    In most cases, abdominal (and low back) exercises should be
    performed near the end of the workout.

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