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Facts About Interior Designs

Interior designs are a creativity of placing furnishings, windows, walls, doors, floors and other

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Taj Mahal

The material to build the Taj Mahal was brought in from various parts of India by a fleet of 1000 e

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Star Clusters

Some of the stars in the universe are part of multiple star systems known as
star clusters.
Most appear to be part of a binary system where two stars orbit a
common center of gravity.

A few are even part of a triple star system.
But some stars are also part of a larger group.

They can be found
together in associations known as star clusters. Star clusters are groupings of stars held together by a common gravitational bond.

They vary greatly in size and shape as well as the number of stars. They
also vary in age from just thousands of years to billions of years old.

Gravity is the force that binds these cosmic swarms together.
Star clusters are among the most spectacular objects in the sky.

Many of these clusters can be seen with the naked eye on a dark night.
Astronomers have divided star clusters into two main types according to
their shape and number of stars.

They can all be classified as either
open clusters or globular clusters.

Open clusters are also called galactic clusters. They usually contain somewhere between a
dozen and a thousand stars. They are held together by mutual
gravitational attraction and have a common center of mass.

Globular clusters are much older and usually contain between ten thousand to a million
stars, which are gravitationally bound in a tight concentration.

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