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Some facts about Obama

1) He doesn't like ice-cream as a result of working at Baskin-Robbins as a teenager.

2) In his spare time he loves playing scrabble.

3) In high school he was known as O'Bomber for his skill at basketball.

4) His favourite books include Moby Dick and The Bible.

5) His wife Michelle was his supervisor at a Chicago law firm before they married.

6) On their first date, Barack took Michelle to the cinema to see a Spike Lee movie 'Do The Right Thing'.

7) His Chicago house is worth $1.65 million and has four fireplaces.

8) His favourite food is chilli and he dislikes mayonnaise.

9) He recently quit smoking and chews nicotine gum to quell his cravings.

10) Whilst living in Indonesia he ate local delicacies such as dog meat, snake meat, and roasted grasshopper.

11) He has admitted to having experimented with marijuana and cocaine as a teenager.

12) In 2000 the unknown Illinois lawmaker was refused a floor pass to the Democratic convention.

13) His favourite musicians include Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder and The Fugees.

14) Though a devout Christian, a July 2008 Newsweek poll found that 12 percent of US voters wrongly believed him to be a Muslim.

15) He has won two Grammy awards, each one being for the audio versions of his best-selling books, 'Dreams From My Father' and 'The Audacity Of Hope' .

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