Amazing Facts

Religious Facts about Zen Buddhism

  1. Zen Buddhism arrived in Japan as early as the 7th century.

  2. Zen, the path of meditation was explained by cogently in 1959.

  3. One of the most important scholars of Zen Buddhism, Daisetz

  4. Zen Buddhism focuses on attaining enlightenment (bodhi) through
    meditation as Siddharta Gautama did.

  5. Zen rejects the study of scriptures, religious rites, devotional
    practices, and good works in favor of meditation leading to a sudden
    breakthrough of insight and awareness of ultimate reality.

  6. There are about 9.6 million Zen Buddhists in Japan today, and
    numerous Zen groups have developed in North America and Europe within
    the last century.

  7. Both the words "Zen" (Japanese) and "Ch'an" (Chinese) derive from
    the Sanskrit word Dhyana, meaning "meditation."

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