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Rainforest Action

  1. Experts agree that by leaving the rainforests intact and
    harvesting it's many nuts, fruits, oil-producing plants, and
    medicinal plants, the rainforest has more economic value than
    if they were cut down to make grazing land for cattle or for timber.

  2. The latest statistics show that rainforest land converted to
    cattle operations yields the land owner $60 per acre and if
    timber is harvested, the land is worth $400 per acre. However,
    if these renewable and sustainable resources are
    harvested, the land will yield the land owner $2,400 per acre.

  3. If managed properly, the rainforest can provide the world's
    need for these natural resources on a perpetual basis.

  4. Promoting the use of these sustainable and renewable sources
    could stop the destruction of the rainforests. By creating
    a new source of income harvesting the medicinal plants, fruits
    nuts, oil and other sustainable resources, the rainforests
    is be more valuable alive than cut and burned.

  5. Sufficient demand of sustainable and ecologically harvested
    rainforest products is necessary for preservation efforts to
    succeed. Purchasing sustainable rainforest products can effect
    positive change by creating a market for these products while
    supporting the native people's economy and provides the
    economic solution and alternative to cutting the forest just
    for the value of its timber.

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