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Rainbow Fish

Rainbow fish is group of small and usually colourful fishes found in the
southern hemisphere. They did not grew popular among aquarists until
fairly recently, which is actually a bit strange considering their
beauty and sturdiness. Some species stay below 3 cm in length even as
adults, while other species can attain a length of up to 20 cm. An
additional plus with Rainbow fish is that they leave plants alone - they
will not eat them nor uproot them. Rainbow fish is also an excellent
choice for aquarists who like their fish to spawn in the aquarium.

Rainbow fish belong to a subfamily named
Melanotaeniidae and are found in Australia and New Guinea, as well as
on some of the Southeast Asian Islands. Rainbow fish are closely related
to the Blue-eyes of the subfamily Pseudomugilinae and both subfamilies
belong to the same family, Melanotaeniidae, according to a taxonomic
revision made by Joseph Nelson in 2006. The order Atheriniformes -  the
order to which Rainbow fish and Blue-eyes belong -  has undergone a lot
of changes during recent years and is expected to see some action in
the years to come as well.

Since Rainbow fish are peaceful creatures they can
be kept in community aquariums with other non-aggressive species.
Really small species can however find it hard to compete in an aquarium
with larger species and should therefore be kept in their own aquarium,
or together with other really small and peaceful species.

Rainbow fish are schooling fish and should be kept in groups consisting
of at least six individuals, preferably no less than 10-15. This is not
only beneficial for the fish; a large school of shimmering Rainbow fish
is also much more stunning to look at than a few shy individuals that
spend most of their time hiding. Keeping several males together will
also make them develop more vibrant colours since they need to compete
with each other for female attention.

One of the reasons behind the scarcity of Rainbow fish within the hobby
is probably the fact that young Rainbow fish look quite dull. Fish
stores usually sell small Rainbow fish that have yet not developed their
true colours. If you buy young Rainbow fish and take good care of them,
they will mature and develop their adult colouration.

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