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Pope John Paul II death

Pope was living 85 years - sum of those numbers = 13

Pope died on 2.04.2005 - sum of those numbers = 13

Pope died at 21.37 - again - sum is equal.... 13

13...that's Maria's number - only that time Holy Mother was showing herself to 3 children in Fatima

on 13th May 1981 - Pope was wounded and that time was saved by Holy Mother

on 13th Pope went to the hospital for the first time

on 13th died the last child of three from Fatima to whom Holy Mother showed up

Pope died on 02.04.2005 at 21.37.. add all those numbers....


= 13

= 13


years of pontificate......

or it had to be like this?

the end......he died in 13th week of the year...and when you
multiply the time of his death 21 x 37...you will have 777

Pope was living exactly 31 thousands days...if you reverse figures...you will get again 13!!!

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