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Pink primrose facts

Pink primrose is scientifically called Oenothera
speciosa (speciosa stands for "showy"), beside of it has such
alternative names as Pinklady and Showy evening primrose. This
wildflower originates from the southeastern America and Mexico.

This perennial plant is capable to attain the length of 0,5  cm. It
bears alternatively arranged leaves, having about 10 cm long and 4 cm
wide. They vary by shape, ranging from linear to obovate, with toothed
or wavy margins.

Pink primrose is remarkable by its solitary, 4-petal- blooms in the
shape of a cup. These aromatic pinky blossoms are in flower from the
summer into early fall. Actually they begin out in white, turning pink
with the aging.

Their throats, stigmas and stamens come in a yellowish shade. Pink
primrose blooms at the day and night hours, but usually in the pre-dawn
time, as it closes during the full sun.

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