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Emperor Penguins

Emperors are the largest penguins. They are only found on Antarctica. They eat fish

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Acid rain describes any form of precipitation with high levels of nitric and sulfuric acids. It can

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Oriya Songs And Its Facts

India has helped the world to gain some of the best music. Hindustan
music industry consists of various regional language songs like Bengali
songs, Gujarati songs, Rajasthani songs, Telegu songs, Punjabi songs,
Kashmiri songs, among all this there is one such regional song which was
not much considered and demanded by public and that was Oriya songs.

Many regions have its own regional music, Oriya songs comes from
orrisa. Though Oriya songs were suppressed to achieve the fame during
pre independence because of the Britishers rule in Orrisa, it has
recently entered into the field of entertainment industry with the great
positive response from the listeners.

Also non Oriya singers are readily showing their interest for singing
Oriya songs because of its growing popularity, such non Oriya singers
are Udit Narayan, Sonu Nigam and many more. Oriya songs are also famous
world wide because of the Oriya public staying as immigrant in foreign
countries. Oriya songs consist of devotional songs, filmy songs,
classical songs, albums etc.

More then 250 Oriya music albums are released every year in favor of
public demand. Popularity of the Oriya songs has increased in such a
manner that Oriya music industry is now referred as "Ollywood". An Oriya
song has succeeded to link with the smallest group of people staying in
tribal regions. Oriya songs are famous for showing its uniqueness. One
of the unique feature of Oriya songs is that it includes use of words in
fast pace. Some famous singers whose voice has helped Oriya songs to
reach its peak and glory are Bhikari bal, Chita Jena, Namita Agrawal and
such more.

Popularity of Oriya songs have been heaped up in such a way that we
can now easily access internet for its availability, which proves
India's sky is filled with magical Oriya music.

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