Amazing Facts

Nutritional benefits of cherries

Apart from nutritional benefits of cherries,
it has been discovered that cherries provide a number of healing

Cherries are very perishable and do not ripen
after harvest. They
only remain fresh in the refrigerator for only a few days are harvest.

The cherry fruit are low in fat, sodium,
cholesterol and are a source of fiber and Vitamin A,C and E.

Cherry products are available in cherry juice,
canned cherries, cherry juice concentrate, fresh cherries, dried and

Sweet as well as sour cherries can be used for
jams. Sour cherries
are used more often as an ingredient in pies and are suitable for
making souffles, cooked fruit compotes etc.

Cherries are very versatile fruits and can be
a part of any meal or
dessert. From breakfast to soups and salads, these find their way into
any food item easily!

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