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Watermelon is actually a vegetable

Watermelon is thought to have originated in the Kalahari Desert of Africa. The watermelon was b

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Facts about Deepest Lake in the world!

Lake Baikal (Baikal) in Siberia, Russia is the deepest lake in the world me

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Must Known Facts about Cancer

  • 12 million new cases of cancer will be diagnosed
    by the end of 2007

  • Cancer death toll will be 7.6 million by end of

  • Cancers of the Lung, Prostate and Stomach are the
    most commonly diagnosed cancers in men

  • Cancers of the Breast, Cervix and Colon are the
    most commonly diagnosed cancers in women

  • Relative risk of developing breast cancer is
    doubled if there is a history of a first degree relative having the

  • Pap smear forcervicalcanceris
    the single bestcancerscreeningprocedure

  • Lifetime risk of an American man developing an
    invasive cancer is 45%

  • Relative risk of a smoker developinglungcanceris
    23 times higher than that of a non-smoker.

  • Tobacco use is the major preventable cause of
    cancer in the world.

  • In developing countries more deaths occur due to
    diarrheal disease than due to cancer.

  • Heart disease is still the no.1 Killer in the

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