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The male mosquitoes are vegetarians and live on eating the lives of the plants and the trees.Tongu

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The Great Wall

The Great WallThe Great Wall stretches for about 4,500 miles across North China.

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Meal Of Fire

Chili is a spicy dish abundantly served
throughout the Western
United States where the strong rays of the Sun mature growing chili
peppers from green to red.

The peppers' seeds are the source of the fiery
heat the chilies
generate in the mouths of those who eat them. For many, one bite of a
bowl of chili, generously seasoned with the peppers, is the start of a
lifelong love affair.

While chili peppers have been cultivated by
Native Americans for as
long as they have grown corn, the chili stew cooked in America today
began with cowboys herding cattle in the West, around the 1850s.

When cowboys had been on the road a while,
their meat could get a
little rancid. So, in a pot they blended beans with the aging meat and
threw in some chili peppers for flavor and to hide the taste of meat
going bad.

Just as Italians boast of their families'
special spaghetti sauce
recipe, people in the West may wax poetic on their unique chili recipe.
Chili is so popular that chili cook-offs are often held throughout the
West as fundraisers for various community causes. As with the barbecue,
cooking chili is often the arena for American men to display their
talents - perhaps due to their cowboy ancestors.

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