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One terabyte(1000 gigabytes) is equivalent to storing a stack of documents that is more than 16

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Dragonfly larvae develop under the water and eject water from their anus to propel them for short

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Lotus Flower Facts

The Lotus flower is considered to be a sacred in Buddhism.

Being one of the eight fortunate signs of Buddhism, the lotus flower
with 8 petals is used in Buddhist mandalas, sygnifying cosmic harmony,
a thousand-petals- Lotus denotes spiritual illumination.

A famous Buddhist mantra, "Om mane padme," relates to the jewel in the
lotus, which is enlightenment.

According to Egyptian mythology, the Lotus is
related to the sun, as it flowers at the day hours, and closes by
night. It is credited that the flower has given birth to the sun.

Its stem is consumed in nearly all parts of India.

The Lotus blooms, seeds, young foliage and rhizomes can be consumed.
Asians used its petals for garnish; as for its big leaves, they served
for wrapping food.

Different parts of the Lotus are also utilized in traditional herbal
medicine of Asia.

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