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Interesting facts about rain

The world's heaviest average rain fall (about 430 inches) occurs in
Cherrapunji, India, where as much as 87 feet of rain has fallen in
one year.

Mt. Waialeale in Kauai, Hawaii, has up to 350 rainy days every year.

The wettest state in the United States is Louisiana, with annual
rainfall of 56 inches.

Rainfall is classified as light if not more than 0.10 inch per hour,
and heavy if more than 0.30 inch per hour.

All precipitation starts as ice or snow crystals at cloud level.

Freezing rain is rain that freezes as it hits the ground; sleet is
frozen ice pellets.

Rain drops are not shaped like this , they are shaped like this as
they fall.

The umbrella was originally intended for shade from the hot Egyptian

Raindrops vary in size from 0.02 inch to about .031 inch diameter.

Big, heavy raindrops can fall at speeds up to 22 miles per hour!

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