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Interesting facts about England

  1. The first men and women came to Britain over two and a half
    million years ago. They were hunters and gatherers of food who
    used simple stone tools and weapons.

  2. It is believed that on 6500BC, the land bridge joining Britain
    to Europe is flooded as the sea level rose making Britain an

  3. Britain was part of the Roman Empire for almost 400 years!

  4. London is the biggest city in Britain and in Europe.

  5. About 12 per cent of Britain’s overall population live in

  6. The oldest zoo in the world opened in England, in the city of
    London in 1828.

  7. In Medieval England, beer (or ale) was a common breakfast

  8. The men you see in front of Buckingham Palace (and other
    locations in London as well as Windsor) are the Queen’s Guard.
    As well as upholding the traditions of the past through their
    ceremonial duties, the Foot Guards also carry out operational
    duties in the UK and throughout the world as professional

  9. Buckingham Palace, the London home of the Queen, has its own
    police station.

  10. It takes 61 seconds to open Tower Bridge, which opens about
    1,000 times a year.

  11. Big Ben is not actually the name of the clock or the tower. It
    is the 13-ton bell inside the clock. The tower is known as St
    Stephens Tower.

  12. London is formed by two ancient cities – City of London and
    City of Westminster, both cities forming the region of Greater

  13. The Thames is not only the oldest place name in London, but in
    the entire UK.

  14. It is estimated that 25% of the population living in London
    were born in another country, I wonder if the fact I was born in
    Scotland includes me in those figures.

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