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Interesting Facts on the element Zinc

  1. The largest zinc mine in the world is the Red Dog Mine operated by Cominco
    Alaska Inc. and is located in Alaska, north of the Arctic Circle.

  2. It is essential to both our physical and mental
    health. From healthy skin, hair and nails, to muscle, nerve and brain
    functions, zinc plays a key role. Teeth, bones, the healing process,
    and the immune and reproduction systems are all dependent on a
    sufficient amount of zinc in our bodies.

  3. Zinc is called the Great Protector – it is used to protect metals
    (galvanizing) as well as humans, in products such as sun screen (zinc
    oxide), zinc lozenges, or vitamins.

  4. Since 1982 U.S. minted "copper" pennies have actually been 97.6 percent zinc,
    with just a 2.4 percent copper coating.

Health Facts of Zinc

  1. Zinc helps boost your immune system, it is used in
    fighting common cold or reducing the impact of cold symptoms.

  2. Zinc is an important mineral that helps children grow and
    be healthy.

  3. It helps protect the liver from damage and is essential
    for a healthy skin.

Side effects of Zinc

Overdose of using zinc leads to the reported effects of nausea,
mouth irritation, stomach ache, metallic taste in the mouth, lethargy
and blood in the urine.

Too much zinc may interfere with the metabolism of other
essential minerals such as copper and iron and it may lead to reduction
in your body's immunity.

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