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Interesting Facts about Queretaro

Located in Central Mexico two hours away from Mexico City, the state
of Queretaro is a popular destination for tourists due to its rich
history and beautiful setting.

The state has a thriving economy that sets it apart from other
Mexican states and is an important transportation center for all of

Queretaro derives its name from the Tarascan word "Queréndaro,"
which means "place for the crags," a reference to the mountainous

The capital city of Queretaro is Santiago de Querétaro. The capital
is sometimes referred to as Queretaro City and is the state's
largest city. Santiago de Querétaro was founded in 1531 by the
conquistadors and was the site of the Spanish aqueduct, which is a
major tourist attraction in the modern period.

Manufacturing is the largest industry in Queretaro, with automotive,
aeronautics, processed foods, paper and home appliances being the
largest sectors. Hospitality spurred by the tourism industry is the
second largest industry in Queretaro.

Headed by the state's governor, Queretaro has been recognized as
having far less corruption that other Mexican states by Transparency

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