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Interesting Facts about Florida

  1. Florida was founded and named by
    Juan Ponce de Leon during 1513.

  2. Florida is the fourth most
    populous state in the entire United States of America.

  3. It has been inhabited before
    European settlements for thousands of years earlier.

  4. The oldest European settlement in
    North America is Saint Augustine city of Florida.

  5. The Peace River and the ocean
    intersect at the Charlotte Harbor.

  6. Rollins College, which was
    founded in the year 1885, is the oldest college in Florida.

  7. America’s launch pad for space
    flights is served by the Cape Canaveral.

  8. It has been claimed that the only
    museum in the world is the museum that is located in Sanibel and
    is dedicated to mollusks. This museum accommodated 2 million

  9. The historic Espiritu Santo
    Springs has been served as the home for safety harbor of

  10. The largest lake of Florida is
    Lake Okeechobee.

  11. The first bank ATM for
    rollerbladers was installed in the city of Miami.

  12. The official state gem of Florida
    that was not founded naturally is the Moonstone.

  13. The City of Haines is known as
    the Heart of Florida.

  14. Old Kings Road of Florida is the
    first graded road that was built in the year 1763.

  15. Florida’s Annual Mug Race, which
    is the river sailboat race, is the longest in the world.

  16. Florida is the only state that
    has two rivers with same name and the name is WIthlacoochee.

  17. The state flower of Florida is
    Orange blossom, whereas, the state bird is Mockingbird.

  18. In the entire USA, Clearwater
    city of Florida has the highest rate of lightening strikes, per capita.

With all of these interesting facts about Florida,
plan a vacation and enjoy the state entirely. The state has plenty
of breathtaking and amazing attractions to fascinate you.

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