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How long are you intestines


  1. HOW LONG ARE YOUR INTESTINES? At least 25 feet in an
    adult. Be glad you're not a full-grown horse -- their coiled-up
    intestines are 89 feet long!

  2. Chewing food takes from 5-30 seconds

  3. Swallowing takes about 10 seconds

  4. Food sloshing in the stomach can last 3-4 hours

  5. It takes 3 hours for food to move through the intestine

  6. Food drying up and hanging out in the large intestine can last 18 hours to 2 days!

  7. Americans eat about 700 million pounds of peanut butter.

  8. Americans eat over 2 billion pounds of chocolate a year.

  9. In your lifetime, your digestive system may handle about 50 tons!!

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