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How Camels survive in the desert

The body of a camel is so amazingly adapted to survival in the
desert that it can with stand even the harshest of desert climates.

Their biggest strength has to be their ability
to survive without food
and water for long periods of time.

This unique ability stems from
their body being able to store fat in their humps and water in the
lining of their stomachs.

These stores can be used in times of
need which is ideal in deserts where both food and water are extremely

Their wide, padded feet grip well on loose
sandy soil and stop the camel from sinking into the sand. An insulating
wool coat
keeps out both the heat of the day and the cold of the night.

eyelashes, ears and slit nostrils keep out the desert dust and sand.

that wasn’t enough camels are also extremely simple about the food they
eat, consuming anything from thorny shrubs to desert thistles.

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