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Himalaya The Name Only Truth

Himalaya The Name Only Truth

Fact One:

When translated, the Himalayas means
the 'abode of snow'!

Fact Two:

Himalayas formed approximately 70 million of years ago following a
collision between India and Asia via the Indo Austrlian and Eurasian
plates. This tremendous collision resulted in the beautiful Himalayan
range for which Nepal is now so famous.

Fact Three:

75% of Nepal is covered by the Himalayas

Fact Four:

Although the Himalayas is the highest mountain
range in the world, it is also the youngest.

Fact Five:

The Himalayas in Nepal contains over 250 beautiful peaks which
all exceed 6,000 meters in height.

Fact Six:

of the Himalayan peaks exceed 7,600 meters

Fact Seven:

the fifteen highest mountain peaks in the World, nine of them are
contained within the Nepal Himalayas

Fact Eight:

Everest (8,848 metres), the highest mountain in the world, is part of
the Himalayas in Nepal. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the
first people to climb Mount Everest in 1953.

Fact Nine:

Himalayas is formed by three key 'bands' all of which are parallel with
each other. The highest peak of mountains from within these three
bands is the Great Himalayan Range. The Great Himalayan range has an
average height of 4,570 meters

Fact Ten:

is stunning geographical variation in the Himalayan mountains. The
geographic variation is incredible as individuals travelling through the
Himalayas can experience jungles to green vegetative landscapes


Although Nepal is famous for the Himalayas,
this beautiful range of mountains also reaches into China, India,
Bhutan, Afghanistan and Pakistan

Fact Twelve:

well known fact is that the Himalayas is the source of the Indus Basin,
the Yangtze Basin and the Ganga-Brahmaptura which are three of the
worlds primary river systems

Fact Thirteen:

Himalayas are geologically alive! The southern front moves
approximately 20 mm a year and it is estimated that in 10 million years
time, the Himalayas will have moved approximately 1,500 km into Asia

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