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Cool Facts on Zebra Sharks

Zebra Sharks also called as Leopard Sharks are one of the many species of sharks. These

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Bellflower represents the genus Campanula. It belongs to the family of Campanulaceae. It got it

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Golden Ring of Russia

Ancient city kingdoms united by Moscow to fight against
the Mongols.

One of the most fascinating regions in Russia is the famous
'Golden Ring' of cities to the northeast of Moscow. This ancient
heart of Russia with its old whitewashed city walls and venerable
onion-domed churches created the world's definition of medieval
Rus. In this enchanted region - which has remained relatively
untouched by tourist crowds - time stands still. The main currents
of history ignored these cities, leaving towns such as Vladimir,
Suzdal, Sergiev Posad, Rostov Velikiy, and Yaroslavl as quaint and
perfect as when they were first constructed. 

When visiting the Golden Ring, train travel is always an option.
By far the best way to see every part of this picturesque region
is to rent a car and cruise around at your own pace. You will
experience the hidden gems as well as some more well-established
spots like Pokrovsky and Spaso-Efimiev Monastaries in Suzdal and
Uspenskiy and the Dmitrievsky Cathedral in Vladimir.

The name "golden" refers to the historic and architectural
wonders preserved in these towns. Some of these towns, like
Yaroslavl, were centers of powerful principalities subjugated by
Moscow during its rise to power. Others, like Uglich, have never
been large or powerful but have still played important roles in
the history of Russia. It is within these cities that you will
find the oldest churches in Russia and the most famous
monasteries, as well as Russia's birthplace.

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