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Glory of the snow

Chionodoxa luciliae is an old scientific name of
the flowering plant that is commonly known as Glory of the snow. Its
more accurate Latin name is Chionodoxa forbesii. This small bulbous
plant is capable to attain the height from 3 to 6 inches.

It is native from Turkey and notable by its 3
varieties that are in demand on the market.

The plant got its common name due to the fact it flowers early in
spring poking right out of the snow. The wild dainty plant form bears
small-sized blooms that face upward; they come in bluish with a big
white central field.

The 6-petal- flowers have the shape of a star and are 0-5-0,75 in
across. Every bulb gives rise to a raceme formed of 5-10 blooms growing
on brownish stems.

The Glory of the snow’s blooms can be used for making miniature
nosegays. It can grow in rock gardens and make perfect bordering plant.

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