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Ghost Flower

The Ghost Flower has the botanical name of Mohavea confertiflora. It
represents the figwort family- Scrophulariaceae and grows in America.
It thrives in desert washes and rocky slopes beneath 2,500 feet.

This erect annual plant is capable to attain the
height from 4 to 16
in. It produces long, covered with hairs, greenish leaves with the
length of up to 4 in.

The plant’s translucent flowering heads gave rise to its common name
Ghost Flower.  The blooms come in creamy to yellow tints, blooming in
springtime. They are about 1, 5 in across, bearing pinkish to purplish
dots on the inner surface of five lobes forming a cup. Lower petal
features reddish-purple spot with two yellow stamens that curve upward
over it.

The Ghost Flower gives no nectar but is a very uncommon plant that is a
delight to behold.

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