Amazing Facts

Fun Facts about Greece

  1. -Greece includes many islands

  2. -greeks love to dance and have more than 63 folk dances

  3. -no part of greece is more than 85 miles from the sea

  4. -one of the largest merchant ship fleets in the world

  5. -one of the oldest nations in Europe-started 2,500 yrs ago

  6. -our culture mimcs greece with architecture, art, science,
    math, literature, music, philosophy and mythology

  7. -the National Anthem contains 158 verses- no one has memorized all 158

  8. -ancient and modern greeks believe in Gods

  9. -tossing an apple to a girl was a traditional way of proposing

      Okay, so now since Greece was the spot for the Olympic
Games lets take a look at some of those fun facts. 

  1. -the first olympics were in 776 BCE and there was one event, a
    short 200 meter sprint called a stade

  2. -thousand would come from all over greece to watch the games,
    the main stadium held 45,000 and they still needed thousands of

  3. -married women could be put to death for watching the games!

  4. -in the ancient olympics winners were given olive wreaths

  5. -they were so serious about thier games that one athlete who
    backed out was fined with cowardice! That had to be

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