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Fun Facts about Ferret !

The word ferret comes from Latin and means “thief,” same meaning as

the word mouse.

A new born baby ferret can fit in the palm of a 2-year old child.

Male ferrets weigh about 4 lbs., females about 2 pounds.

Ferrets live 6-10 years.

Ferrets have weak vision, but their senses of smell and hearing are


Old paintings and tapestries reveal to us that ferrets have been
domesticated for thousands of years.

The third most popular pet in the US is the ferret.

There are 8-10 million pet ferrets in the US.

History of Ferrets

Several states banned ownership of ferrets in the early 1900s;
ferret ownership became legal again after rabies vaccine became more
effective in ferrets.

Ferrets were used on ships to hunt rats and control their

In the Middle Ages, ferrets were used to hunt for rabbits. Hunters
would muzzle the ferret’s mouth, and send it in the rabbit hole to
chase rabbits out another end where hunters waited with nets to catch
them. This method was used in the United States as well until the early
20th Century.

Below is a photo of the "The Ferreter's Tapestry," a tapestry
dating back to fifteenth-century Burgundy, France. The tapestry today
is displyed in Glasgow Museum and Art Galleries. The photo of the
tapestry is from James McKay's Complete Guide to Ferrets. The tapestry
shows peasants hunting rabbits with ferrets and nets.

The photo below is from Gaston Phoebus's book Livre de Chasse
(Book of the Hunting), written in the late 1300s. A manuscript can be
found in Paris, in the Bibliotheque Nationale. This photo shows how
hunters used ferrets to hunt rabbits: sending ferrets through one hole
to chase rabbits out another hole where the net trap is set up.

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