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Fun Facts about Birds!

About 10,000 bird species are found across the globe.
Birds have a very fast heart beat: at rest, about 400 beats a minute; while flying, about 1000 times a minute.
Penguins are among birds that cannot fly.
A male peafowl, with its wingspan, can be about 6 feet in size, making it one of the largest flying birds.
Ostrich can reach 9 feet high, and they lay the largest bird egg (4.5 x 7 inches).
Cellular Phone Towers

While you enjoy the luxury and convenience of your cellular phone, every now and then remember the following:
The over 100,000 cellular phone towers in America cause the death of millions of birds each year (the number could be up to 50 million). Many of the accidents happen when birds confuse the tower lights with stars they use for navigation (Los Angeles Times).
Bird Speed

The swift bird can fly at a speed of 120 mph.
Pigeons can fly at a speed of 100 mph.
Peregrine falcon, the fastest living creature on earth, can fly at a speed of about 200 mph. Though its average speed is about 90 mph, The Natural History Magazine, in 1974, reported its speed to be 200 mph.

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