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Fun Facts about Beaver!

Beavers weigh anywhere between 30-60 lbs. and are 2-3 feet long, not including their tail.
Beavers are rodents (one of the largest rodents).
Beavers’ front teeth never stop growing. Beavers keep them from getting too long by their constant labor of chewing and gnawing.
Beavers are experts in building dams, to create a safe and comfortable habitat for themselves.
Beavers’ dams help slow down erosions.
Beavers can manipulate the environment more than any other animal, mainly because of their "dam construction projects."
Underwater Skills Beavers are skilled at working underwater. The following are some of the features they have that allow them to work proficiently underwater: a. Their ears and noses have valves that they can close before submerging themselves under water.
b. Their front teeth stick out of their closed mouths so that they may work underwater without swallowing water.
c. Their tails are used as rudders.
d. They can remain under water for 15 minutes.
Beaver images courtesy of Lisa Tennyson.

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