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Early Star-of-Bethlehem flowers

Gagea bohemica is the botanical name of the plant that is more commonly known as the Early Star

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Sea Horses

Seahorses are truly unique, and not just because of their unusual equine shape. Unlike most oth

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Fun Facts about Wolf !

Gray Wolf

Wolves are social creatures; they live in groups called packs. Each pack has its own hierarchy.
Packs have their territory which they defend even against other wolves.
Wolves spend hours each day roaming; some packs cover a distance of about 100 miles or more in one day.
Faithful: Wolves mate for life.
A wolf’s bite can generate 1,500 psi pressure.
Wolves can reach a speed of 40 mph. For more animal speeds go to  Speeds of Animals.
Wolves are known for howling. They howl as a greeting, as a call to other pack members, or as a way to mark their territory. They can also make other dog sounds, such as growling and barking.
A wolf’s sense of smell is about 100 times better than humans’.        
Red Wolf
Mexican Wolf

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