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Facts on Aboriginal Art

The art work of Aborigines is known as Aboriginal art.

1. Aboriginal art has existed for many thousands of years. Some of
the rock carvings and aboriginal paintings are 30,000 years old.
These painting and carvings narrate the stories of the painter or

2. A Bradshaw painting is one of oldest and most popular of rock
paintings. There is a legend attached with Bradshaw paintings. The
Aborigines believe the birds pecked the rocks and when their beaks
bled they painted the images with their tail. Rock drawing with the
help of stencils was also frequently used in Aboriginal art, wherein
an object was placed on the rock and paint was splashed over it.

3. Did you know bark paintings are the oldest form of Aboriginal
paintings? However, not many bark paintings exist today. The reason
is the natural disintegration of the bark. Aborigines used
perishable materials such as carved logs and tree stumps and bark to
draw and paint. Hence, only few specimens of the earlier Aboriginal
art are remaining.

4. The traditional art of the Aborigines was focused on portraying
and narrating the stories of the "Dreamtime", a creation myth of the
Aborigines. Some Aboriginal art works depict the world around them.
Kangaroos, crocodiles and kookaburras are included in these
paintings. Certain paintings depict the skeleton and organs of
people and animals.

5. The colors used in ancient Aboriginal art were natural shades of
earth colors such as red, brown and yellow. The other colors used
were white made from pipe clay and charcoal made by burning wood.

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