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Two million red blood cells die every second. There are approximately 100,000 miles of bl

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Thomas Edison, lightbulb inventor, was afraid of the darkHe also helped create the electric chairT

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Facts on Zanzibar

  1. Zanzibar is famous for it's mile
    upon mile of beautiful beaches.

  2. The main island of Zanzibar
    is known as "Unguja" and other smaller islands are Pemba and Mnemba.

  3. The Language of
    Zanzibar is Swahili.
    English is widely used in towns and tourist

  4. Stone Town is the fascinating capital of Unguja Island, Zanzibar.

  5. The first European to visit Zanzibar was Vasco da Gama in the
    year 1499.

  6. The economy of Zanzibar island is almost exclusively agricultural
    with its fertile soil producing the chief commodities.

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