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Facts of Zhou Dynasty of China

  1. The Zhou dynasty, which followed the Shang dynasty and lasted
    from 1027 B.C. to 221 B.C.

  2. The Zhou reigned over 800 years and was the longest-ruling
    dynasty in Chinese history.

  3. Zhou emperors were priest kings who regarded themselves as "Sons
    of Heaven" with a "Mandate from Heaven" to rule.

  4. Zhou charioteers could be devious and cruel.

  5. The last stage of the Zhou Dynasty was called the Warring States

  6. Emperor Wu was the 1st official Zhou emperor.

  7. Chopsticks were thought to be invented in the Zhou Dynasty.

  8. People called the Chinese New Year, the spring festival.

  9. One of the 1st dynasties to start collecting books

  10. Confucius was born during this dynasty.

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