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Facts about the color of your eyes

The iris contains the colored pigment that determines a person's eye color.

It is common for a baby's blue eyes to change to brown in about a 3-year
period as the brown pigment (known as melanin) becomes present later in

A person's eye color can change. The iris responds to pupil size. If the
pupil enlarges, the pigments spread out, causing a lighter color.

If a drastic color change occurs, make an appointment with an eye doctor
to make sure it is not indicative of disease. Colored contacts are the
only certain way to change eye color;

The predominant eye color around the world is brown. The guide also reports
that Asians, Africans and Native Americans often have black eyes, while
Europeans often have hazel (a combination of green and brown) or blue
eyes. Green eyes are found mainly in people of German or Slavic descent.

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