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Facts about Switzerland Nature

Facts about Switzerland Nature

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Switzerland has 48 peaks above 13’000 feet

The Matterhorn is not the highest mountain. The highest peak is shared
with Italy – the Dufour peak

Switzerland is rich in water: the Rhine, Rhone, Inn and the region of
Ticino all have their water sources in
the Gotthard

The Gotthard separates the northern and southern parts of Europe
Switzerland borders 5 other countries: Germany, France, Italy, Austria
and Liechtenstein

Lac leman (Lake Geneva) is the lagest land locked lake in Western Europe

In Switzerland you are never more than 13 miles from a lake or river in
which you can swim

Juf has the highest elevation of any European town

The largest edible chestnut forest in the Alps is in Malcantone near Lugano

The longest Glacier in the Alps can be found in Switzerland: the Aletsch
glacier is more than 14 miles
long and a UNESCO World Heritae Site

The highest Waterfall in Europe is the Mürrenbachfall with a 2450 foot drop
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