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Facts about Switzerland Technology

       Facts about Switzerland Technology Highest Train station in

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Amazing Facts about the number Zero

Zero was spread by Arabians to the Europe and there on it was spread all over. The rules

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Facts about Queen bees

Queen bees really are treated like royalty. Queens rarely leave the
hive, are waited on by worker bees for their entire life and get to
enjoy a special food called "royal jelly."

  1. There is almost always only one queen bee in each hive, and
    the queen is slightly larger than the worker bees.

  2. The queen bee's role in the hive is to lay eggs and little
    else. She might lay thousands of eggs per day.

  3. Queen bees, though similar in almost every other way to worker
    bees, tend to live about 10 times as long as worker bees. They
    retain their fertility for their entire lives.

  4. When a strong, young queen bee senses a new potential queen
    bee has been born, she will often track it down and sting it to
    death. After two years or so, an aging queen bee will become
    weak and will be displaced by a newly born queen.

  5. When a colony of bees becomes overcrowded, a new queen is born
    and allowed to live. She will fly away from the home hive,
    accompanied by worker bees, and establish a new hive.

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