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Facts about Quagga

The quagga is an extinct subspecies of the plains zebra, which was
once found in great numbers in South Africa's Cape Province and the
southern part of the Orange Free State. It was distinguished from
other zebras by having the usual vivid marks on the front part of
the body only. In the mid-section, the stripes faded and the dark,
inter-stripe spaces became wider, and the rear parts were a plain

The quagga lived in the drier parts of South Africa, on grassland.
The northern limit seems to have been the Orange River in the west
and the Vaal River in the east; the southeastern border may have
been the Great Kei River. It was hunted for its meat and hide, and
is one of the many victims of modern mass extinction.

Because of the great variation in coat patterns (no two zebras are
alike), taxonomists were left with a great number of described
"species", and no easy way to tell which of these were true species,
which were subspecies, and which were simply natural variants.

The quagga was the first extinct creature to have its DNA studied.

A quagga appears in a sequence in the Soviet Union's animated film
The Cat Who Walked by Herself, in which a dog tracks the hoofprints
of one, and a cat tells a boy of the Red Book of endangered species,
and how Quagga had "her track severed" (that is, made extinct) due
to Man's selfish actions.

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