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1 The speed of light is generally rounded down to 186,000 miles per second. I

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Phone Calls

In a year, an average person makes 1,140 phone calls.

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Facts about Meerkat!

Meerkats are about 9-12 inches long (without their 8-inch tails) and weigh 2 pounds or less.
Meerkats are famous for standing upright on their hind legs. Meerkats are immune to scorpion venom. Communication
Meerkats communicate through vocal sounds: they utter a special sound to warn others that danger is imminent; also they have special sounds for hunting.
Group Work
Meerkats not only live in groups, but also work in groups. While a few take a watch position to make sure no predator is approaching from land or sky, others work together to hunt for their food.
They communicate and plan strategies to hunt lizards, rats, birds, scorpions, and other small animals and insects.
A meerkat diet, besides animals mentioned above, also consists of roots and bulbs.

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