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Facts about Ghosts

  1. Ghosts can feed off of your fear. NEVER show your fear to a
    ghost. Ghosts can feel your fear. They can take from that negative
    energy and grow from that. They can grow larger literally as well. It
    feels like they are taking your breath away. Ghosts can, also, take
    your breath away. This takes your energy away and gives them more
    energy. If this happens make sure you tell them to STOP and BACK AWAY
    NOW! When this happens, that entity is showing you that they aren't
    feeling powerful and are trying to draw on YOUR power. Don't let them!
    As I have said, whenever you feel powerless or whatever, you say
    whatever empowers you. Whatever makes you feel more in control and
    protected. Most may say the Lord's Prayer. Some kinds of chant that is
    strong and makes you feel strong. Surround the white light of
    protection around you as often as you remember.

  2. No one, especially in death can control you! So if you are
    encountering a ghost that is being controlled by another ghost, they
    need to know that they are in control of themselves. They have the
    power. And that entity needs to know this in order to move on and
    continue with their soul development and perfecting. They are allowing
    that other soul to control them. They need to stop this. Once he or she
    realizes that they are in control and no one can control them, then he
    or she will move on.

  3. This came from Echo Bodine's excellent book for helping
    Earthbound Children Souls: "When there are children ghosts in a house,
    we've found it works very well to ask one of the adult ghosts, often
    the one most resistant, to escort the children to the light and through
    to the other side. We tell the children to hold hands so that none of
    them wanders off as they make their way through the tunnel."

  4. Don't discourage your child in matters of the spirit. They are
    more sensitive to spirits than you are as an adult (usually). So if
    they are talking about talking to a spirit or talking to "nothing",
    then they more than likely are telling the truth. Same goes with
    animals. They sense at a higher level than we do. If they start acting
    up or acting weird, you know what's going on, a spirit is in the house.

  5. Ghosts may be stubborn and will stay until they feel they have
    been punished enough for whatever reason. They will move on when they
    are ready. So you may not be able to get rid of all of them. These
    ghosts have chosen to stay thinking they HAVE to be punished, when
    really they don't, they can move on whenever they like.

  6. Remember what I said above about a lot of ghosts will refusing
    to go on to the other side because they do not want to face another
    person who has passed on already. Like for example, if a person was
    molested by they father, or treated badly by a person, they will flat
    out refuse to move on to the other side. But all they need to do is ask
    their spirit guide when crossing over that they do NOT want to see that
    person. And they don't have to, for as long as they need. They don't
    know this and will insist that they will have to see them. But they are
    hurt from their life with that person. Just reassure them that it IS
    true. You do not have to see anyone you don't want to see on the Other

  7. This one is very important. A Ghost that was an alcoholic or
    drug user (any addiction) when they were living will stick around and
    try to find a body to inhabit that is living that same way as well.
    They jump into any body that is high, or whatever the flavour is of the
    Ghost, just to feel that high again. If you are an addict, surround
    that white light around you and ask God to protect you from these
    Ghosts, especially when intoxicated!

  8. Sometimes I hear that people like that they have a ghost around
    and want to keep them. It's sad because these are Soul's, not pets.
    They need to move on to the Other Side and continue perfecting their
    Soul. If they have low self esteem and are staying because one of us
    wants them to, then they feel loved and protected in a way. But they
    don't know any better. You really do need to tell these Ghosts to go on
    to the Other Side. Say it with CONVICTION. Again, do not speak of them
    for at least three days, or they will think you miss them and come back

  9. Portals are openings from this world to the Spirit World. Ouija
    boards and s?ances, etc., will open these up. If you don't know what
    you're doing you will invite too many entities that you may not be able
    to handle. Any entity can come in from these Portals. Good or bad. Ask
    for protection from God, the universe; however you feel comfortable in
    asking. Get a psychic in there if it gets way out of hand. Portals are
    very serious. If you continually think about ghosts, read about ghosts,
    do things that invite them into our world, etc., the more ghosts you
    will attract.

  10. Ghosts have no concept of time, as with the Other Side as well.
    They may be here for years, decades, etc. Make sure you tell them the
    truth about what year it is. That might wake them up to what they are
    doing, or not doing in their case. Tell them they need to move on to
    the Other Side.
    Usually a residual haunting or "imprint" happens from traumatic
    events, from civil wars to a mother looking for her baby. This could be
    the real spirits OR an "imprint". But things that keep happening over
    and over again are most likely "imprints".
    Also "imprints" of emotions can happen as well. Like a curvy
    road that when you go by a certain area, it feels sad, you pass the
    area, and you are fine, that type of thing. Something sad happened,
    there and it made an "imprint".
    But there are those times that you see a residual haunting. Of
    (using the same example) a mother looking for her baby, but she doesn't
    know she is dead (or she does) and continues to look for her baby, she
    goes through the same event over and over again. If you see this, try
    to help that soul find its way. Tell them they will find what they are
    looking for on the Other Side where they belong.


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