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Facts about Australia

Australia’s agriculture sector is very important to its economy. Sales
of beef, wheat, alcohol and wool account for more than one half of
Australia’s agricultural exports.

Japan is the biggest importer of Australian agricultural products,
taking 18 percent of Australia’s output.

The top 10 countries Australian goods are exported to are: Japan, USA,
China, New Zealand, South Korea, UK, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Hong Kong SAR.
Highest and Lowest Temperatures

Australia’s highest temperature, 51 degrees C (123 degrees F), was
recorded at Oodnadatta, South Australia in 1960.
The lowest temperature was minus 23 degrees C (minus 9 degrees F)
measured high in the mountains at Charlotte Pass, New South Wales.

Most People

New South Wales, with 6.8 million people has the largest
population of any of Australia’s states. Victoria, with 5 million
people is next most populous.

Alcohol in Australia

It’s an interesting fact that, compared with other countries,
Australians are not very heavy drinkers.
The average Australian drinks 7% less alcohol than the average Briton,
25% less alcohol than the average German and 35% less alcohol than the average Irish.

Go Directly to Jail

Around 115 Australians per 100,000 of population are in jail.
This compares with: New Zealand 155, UK 141, Germany 100, Spain 138,
Canada 116, South Africa 400, USA 700.

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